Be very quite I'm hunting wabbits

In preperation for the fall festivel everyone has a job to do. We all drew our jobs. I got assigned to wolf hunting. In the fall the wolf population can get a little out of hand so we send hunters to lower the numbers. This year we have H’Raka, Erik, and my self Terios. We may not be the best hunters but I know my way around the wild as does H’Raka. We wernt sent alone we have a woods guide, Phillip, and an experianced hunter, Alliser.

Day 1
We found a few tracks but no wolves.

Day 2
No wolves

Day 3
No wolves

Day 4
We fianaly found a pack of wolves. We would have been fine except while hunting them we got ambused by a pack of goblins. The goblins were dressed in warm clothing and furs so they are obviosly from the northern mountains. What would they be doing here. We were not a match for their archers so Phillip told us to leave. I think I may have set a bad exsample as one of my spell arced and attacked one of the goblins. I need to work on controling that when in a battle but it is so hard. After that the H’Raka and Erik ignored Phillip and stood their ground and started to fight. I knew we need to get out of their so I grabbed H’Raka and told him to run with me. Erik waitd to long and got shot. He was lucky that H’Raka new how to heal or we might have lost him. After we got a ggod distance away we found a tree that we could set up camp in.

Day 5
Phillip and Alliser caught up with us. Alliser had quite the injury, he lost his arm in the fight with the goblins. They were glad to see us and told us they faught off the goblins and were able to find another pack of wolves. Alliser was impressed with Erik and gave him a goblin hand because when he stayed behind he killed a goblin before running. I hope he understand that even though he was praised that staying was not the smartest move. Alliser said that he was heading back to report on the goblins and that we should try to get one more pack before we head back. We were lucky and found a pack very quickly. We killed them quickly with no problem. I skinned the one I killed and was able to do a perfect job and made quite a nice cloak out of it just in time for winter.

We saw nothing else on our journy back. After returning we started to setting up for the first night of the fall festivle. I cant wait to have some fun after the last week.

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