Human Chaos Sorcerer


Terios is an 19 year old human sorcerer. He was born with the inate ability to channel chaos energies, which would cause issue for him later in life until he started to learn to control it.

As a baby Terios was left with the minotaurs to be raised. He never learned how or why and he doesnt care. He grew up with minitaurs in thier plains to the west. He was raised as a minotaur would be raised. Even though he was human he was not treated diffrent nor did he act diffrent then the other minotaur children.

When he was very young his power started to manifest at times of high emotion. One of these times when playing in a field with his brother Jadus they started to argue about the rules of their game. It got to the point that Terios was so mad that he accedently lit the field all around them on fire. Terios was so scared but before he knew what was happing his brother had picked him up on his back and was running out of the fire. Once they were out Jadus collaped to the ground in exhaustion. He was badly burned luckily the village healer was able to save his life but he was horibly scarred on his legs and from the smoke and ash lost his sight in one of his eyes. After that Terios vowed to himself that he would learn to control his power and his emotions neither one has been easy and is still a challange for him and probibly will be forever.

When he turned 14 he participated in the comming of age ceremony and left home to see the world. All minotaur do this and once they hace seen the world they make a choice to come back home or find another palce in the world. After leaving he traveled for a few weeks until he started to have dreams about a man that could help him learn to use his power and to come to a small village in the woods on the edge of the minotaur plains. That is where he met a retired senate mage named Nathan. He was intrigued with Terios and his inate ability to cast. Nathan offer to teach him how to controll it.

Nathan had another pupil named Erik. Erik was much youner and had much more control in casting than Terios. After a year of training Terios needed to make the choice of returning to his tribe. He decided that he would return and tell them that he would need to leave again in order to learn more about his magic so that no one else would be hurt unintentionaly by him again.

He has now been training with Nathan for a few years now. He has much better control over his power, well as much as chaos can be controlled. He is now a member of the village, he helps protect the village and repairs building and whatever is asked of him.


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