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Morai is a common-generated world, in which the players and the DM have sat together to create the intricacies of the world. Unlike traditional 4E systems, the idea behind Morai is that anything goes. If you want your character to be part of a group of confessors, that could be possible. If a player wanted to introduce a laser gun, that could also be possible. The requirement for anything non-standard is that it also be interesting. The confessor power, for example, is interesting due to its limitations and the morality of using it. Having the ability to kill everyone on a battlefield all at once with the snap of a finger is not interesting. Having that ability actually be that you create a timeline in which none of those people existed would be interesting and allow for good storytelling.

The key to Morai is storytelling. The DM is not to be the narrator and antagonist and author of the story. Rather the DM will only play the parts necessary to move the story forward. What the story is, all depends on the entire group.

This wiki will help identify the world and the differences that exist in this world.

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Races and Templates

Rather than have every race possible, the group decided to limit the races in order to better focus on racial tensions. Some races have been merged into a single race (Humans consist of Kalashtar and Shadarkai, and gnomes includes halflings). Other races have been turned into templates that can be applied to any race. The templates have their own requirements and information. Click on a race to find out more.



World Features

What makes our world unique? From the Dreamers and the Third Eyes, to the Floatstone and other mythical items.

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