World Features

World Features


  • Dream Weaver
    • Able to create dreams for themselves or others.
  • Dream Makers
    • Able to bring anything that they dreamed of to life. From people and items to places and planets.
    • Hated and feared by everyone due to their extreme power. Generally killed as children.
  • Dream Walkers
    • Able to enter others’ dreams. Cannot control it, and must be cautious as the dreamer can control them.

Third Eyes

  • Clairvoyant
    • Able to tell the future.
  • Seers
    • Able to see images around people. The images represent something about that person or their future. The seer may or may not be able to understand those images at the time of viewing.


  • Beastmaster* not fleshed out.
    • Able to communicate with animals. Usally one type of animal such as reptiles, cats, canine, birds, ect.


World Features

Morai Aotrom